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Welcome to Ballarat Infertility Help

Hi, my name is Jacinta and I’m a Ballarat mother of three wonderful children. I also experienced eight years of infertility between my first and second child. 

I never thought I would ever end up with three children in those years of frustration and waiting. Having had my first child at twenty seven, nine months after getting married, I thought the process would be easy. After having had all the medical tests available I was given the verdict from the last specialist that my case had no known cause. I had exhausted every avenue and I had an unexplained infertility.  I endured invasive tests to detect blocked tubes, I received medication to stimulate ovaries and numerous appointments to natural fertility practitioners, not to mention herbal medicine from the naturopath and a laparoscopy.

I know all the emotions that go with this situation. Helplessness, disbelief that something that was coming so easily to others was evading me, difficulty being around my peers who were having numerous pregnancies, upset that my body was letting me down.

About seven years into this situation I was given a natural health supplement by a friend. Accompanying my infertility problems I also had poor health. My immune system was shot, I had allergies, skin problems, low energy, periods that had almost stopped, frequent sore throats and it was in that context I found myself infertile. It was another aspect to a generally under-functioning body. 

The supplement was like a positive nuclear explosion to my poor health. My immune system picked up, my skin cleared, my sore throats disappeared, my periods started again which I was thrilled about because I felt at 34 years old I had almost gone into early menopause. Within a six month period I found myself pregnant. I had a very healthy pregnancy which produced a healthy baby. Four years later I had another very healthy pregnancy at the age of 40 with no morning sickness producing another fantastically healthy baby.

My passion is to introduce you to these wonderful supplements and to walk with you while you try them in your own body to see if you can achieve the pregnancy you desire.


“I am a Ballarat mum who has personally walked the infertility journey and overcome it with the help of some unique natural supplements. My business is built around excellent product knowledge plus first hand experience of the infertility issue,  all of which I use to assist you. I have built my business helping people achieve health and fertility naturally.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

They are  natural supplements made from aloe vera and other food based ingredients like Mexican wild yam, completely non-invasive, supporting optimal health naturally. Because they are plant based supplements they will not interfere with any other medications.

How much does it cost?

Approximately $ 450 per month  for a six month period. As this is a natural product it needs time to work in the body. Allow a six month period for it to rebuild your fertility health. The treatment program is less than the cost of IVF and there are no difficult procedures to undergo.

How does it work? 

One product feeds the glycoforms on the cells in the body so they operate in an optimal way. The sperm and the egg have glycoforms that need to operate properly in order to connect. The supplement helps them to connect.  Another  supplement naturally supports the body’s hormonal system. It doesn’t just help give an optimal environment for conception but it supports the whole pregnancy. Every system in the body is fed with these unique supplements so that they function properly. Every system related to fertility is supported. It works over a six month period. Building health naturally is a long term solution not a quick fix. 

How do I use it?

Stir some powder into juice or water and drink every day. 

What is the process:

Contact me and make an initial appointment. All the appointments are free, you only pay for the products you use. The initial appointment will contain information about how to use the products as well as how it works in the body. You will receive product for free if you set up an account at that first meeting. We will stay in contact during the initial six month period in a mutually agreeable way whether it is in person or by phone or email, whatever is the most convenient form for you, understanding that people lead busy lives.

Contact Us

Set up an account and place an order at the initial appointment and receive your first product for free to take with you as you go home.